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Starting Right

You might go to a theater to watch a movie or stream it at home, but that’s not where the movie started.  It started somewhere on a movie set with props, cameras and actors then moved through production, editing, marketing and distribution before it ever hits a screen.

That’s why using CAD software for land surveying doesn’t work.  The drawing isn’t where you start.  You start with research and data then move through decision making, editing and then the drawings. Traverse PC makes top-quality professional deliverables by utilizing technologies like Traverses™ and Quick View™ that start right and work like you think.

Unified Help System

The Unified Help System is TPC’s User‘s Manual.

If TPC does it, you’ll find it here.

  • Help Topics – choose your topic from our rich Table of Contents then drill down to the specific thing you’re looking for.
  • Workflows – pick from descriptive workflows like Writing Legal Descriptions or Checking Lot Closure.
  • Videos – we’ve embedded short videos into the help topics so you can read or watch.
  • Learning Guides – these provide step-by-step, cookbook-style instructions in on-line PDFs.

Traverses, The Natural Way to Organize Data

TPC Desktop™ presents your survey data in an organized and easy-to-use form that makes your drawings and workflows efficient and natural.

  • A Traverse™ can be anything – a property boundary, a control loop, etc.
  • Organize features into Traverses™ – trees, power poles, rock walls, building pads, drain fields, or edge of pavement. You can make anything a Traverse™.
  • Traverses™ compute everything you need – length, closure, area, and volume.
  • Traverses™ can be automatically generated from Point Codes.
  • Import points like GPS/GNSS, ASCII or TBC and turn them into Traverses™.
  • Traverses™ correlate perfectly with subdivision lots, GIS shapes and LandXML parcels and alignments.  TPC Desktop™ is well connected.
  • Traverses™ are the best and easiest way to compare record data with measured data. 


The Power is in the Views

We designed TPC Desktop™ from the ground up to be the most agile surveying program available. We accomplish this by building our software around what we call Views™.

You use the Views™ that works best for the way you like to work and the type of survey you’re doing. You can easily toggle between Views™ with the touch of a button.

Watch the video for detailed information on Views™ and see how powerful and easy TPC Desktop™ is to use!

Visible Data™ – All the Time!

Has using another land survey software program or CAD left you frustrated because you couldn’t access or change your data? Traverse PC’s Traverse View feature changes that.

Simply click into the Traverse View feature you have access to all your data. Right-click any survey object (line, label, symbol) in a drawing and TPC Desktop™ takes you right to that point in a traverse.

Your data is always editable, so if you find a mistake, you can fix it without missing a beat.



Quick View™ – Your Data Does the Drawing!

TPC’s Quick View™ technology allows you to view your data without drawing it. No more fiddling with those drawing commands you can never remember how to use.

Choose the settings you want for Control, Side Shots and Lot Labels, and our Quick View technology does the rest.

Draw everything the same or choose settings for individual traverses to automatically create a sophisticated drawing.

Export to CAD, PDF, GIS, Google Earth or whatever deliverables are required.

Watch the video for detailed information on our feature-rich Quick View™ technology.



Deliverables – Done Right!

Watch this video (58:52) and it might be the best hour you’ve ever spent.

We walk you through creating deliverables for an architect that include PDFs, ASCII files, CAD, LandXML and Reports.  Learn more.

“Nice Webinar. I enjoyed it very much, especially the lot reports (Closures plus data)”  – Jeb Haynes, CA

“I always learn something new on these webinars and how to make it more efficient to use.”  – Alan L. Latourelle, NY



Ready to Take a Serious Look?

Make better surveying and geospatial decisions and produce great deliverables.

Our Traverses™ and Views™ do what other land surveying software can’t.

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