Learn how Quick View™ takes the work out of drafting.

If you draw in TPC like you do in CAD, TPC won’t save you any time so take your CAD hat off – put your TPC hat on.

What is Quick View™ (1:22)

  • Traverse Groups, Tags, Traverse Drawing Settings

TPC Gives you the Best of Both Worlds (8:31)

  • Setbacks, Fillet, PI Point
  • Synchronized Views, Traverse Report

Selecting Objects in Quick View™ (17:29)

  • Move selected objects
  • Can’t move survey objects

Panning and Zooming (21:47)

  • Zooming, Hot Keys, Mouse
  • Zoom Points

Traverse Drawing Settings (25:04)

  • Most important concept in Quick View™
  • TPC creates the entities and you modify them

Smart Objects Save Time (30:26)

  • Rotate Survey Data, Rotate Drawing

Object Settings – Point Symbols (32:40)

  • Smart Legend, Customer User Symbols

Object Settings – Text (36:20)

  • Record data, Modified attributes, Association, Reset modified attributes

Drawing Settings (41:25)

  • Distance units, extra bearing spaces

Layers (43:50)

  • User layers like CAD

New Drawings (45:20)

  • Zoom extents, scale, position sequence
  • Paper Space vs Survey Space 
  • Page size and orientation

Moving Objects (50:26)

  • Select and move, moves all the selected objects

Multiple Drawings (51:04)

  • Duplicate a drawing
  • All drawings reflect survey changes automatically

Export Drawings (53:34)

  • Print PDF
  • Export DWG

Wrapping It Up (56:05)

  • Review what we just saw

Quick View™ & Drawings  (58:00)