Requesting a Perpetual License Key

As long as you have an active TPC Connection, you will use that Connection license key for all of your TPC Desktop activations.

However, if and when you decide to stop your TPC Connection, by not renewing it, you can request a FREE perpetual license key for which ever version of TPC you want to continue running perpetually, up to and including TPC 2024 (the last perpetual license version).

Getting a Perpetual Key

  • Fill out the form on the Updates and Upgrades page and submit it, letting us know which version of TPC you want to use.
  • We’ll send you a new key you can start using right away to activate that version of TPC.
  • All the version downloads are available in the License Manager, under the Version Support Pages tab.

How Perpetual Keys Work

  • Unlike Connection keys, they can only active one version of TPC, so you can’t run multiple versions of TPC with them.
  • They can be used to activate TPC on any number of computers, just one at a time.
  • They have a 30-day grace period, so you can take your computer to the field and run TPC without internet.

Updating a Perpetual Key Without the Connection

  • Perpetual license keys can be updated to the latest version of TPC anytime, without the TPC Connection.
  • When you update one of these keys, the key itself (characters) doesn’t change, but the version of TPC it activates does.
  • Once updated, perpetual license keys will no longer activate the old version of TPC.  They will only activate the version of TPC they were updated to.
  • You update them in the License Manager or fill out the form on the Updates and Upgrades page and submit it.

Professional Connection Price Change

On 1/1/2022 the cost of the Professional Edition went up, raising the annual Connection price from $500 to $550 ($450 to $495 with early renewal discount).

On 1/1/2025 TPC will no longer offer 10% early renewal discounts.

 TPC 24.0 is now available to TPC Connection Members!

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