TPC BETA Versions

Current BETA Release

What is a BETA?

Traverse PC releases BETA versions of new releases about a month prior to the final release.  ​This provides time for selected TPC users to provide feedback on the new features of the release. 

Getting the BETA

  • Choose Help, Check for Updates… and choose Check for new releases.
  • TPC displays information about the new release.  Choose Install Update.
  • Download, install and run the new release.  Your TPC Connection validates it automatically.
  • The version you are updating from should still be installed and operational.  You can always revert back to it if needed.

For this to work, you must currently be validated with your TPC Connection key and your connection must be active (not expired).  Connection keys allow you to run new versions of TPC as long as your connection is active.

Perpetual keys work forever, but only for one version of TPC, so cannot be used to validate new releases.

If you have validated with a perpetual key and want to get the BETA, get your TPC Connection key from the License Manager and re-validate with it.  Now you will be able to get the BETA.

Or Download from Support Page

BETA Version Numbers

BETA versions generally have a version number like BETA, where the last number gets incremented during the BETA period.  Final releases generally increment the next version number and look like

BETA versions always include the word BETA after the version number.

BETA Testing

Prior to release, BETA versions undergo the same testing that a release version undergoes, so you can use them in your everyday workflows and production.

Providing Feedback on a BETA

BETA feedback is provided via our Technical Support form.  TPC uses your feedback to finalize the features of the release, accommodating as many of the user BETA suggestions as we can.

Getting BETA Updates

Choose Help, Check for Updates… and choose Check for maintenance updates.

Switching from a BETA to a Final Release

Switching to a final release from a BETA is just like doing a regular maintenance update.  Just choose Help, Check for Updates… and choose Check for maintenance updates.