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We get the same question almost everyday

“I’m looking for something better for surveying than what I have now.”

They are generally using a competitor’s CAD program because they are in an industry dominated by CAD and thought that’s what they needed. They spent the big bucks and had grand plans of learning it, but that didn’t work out. Now they are back to looking for something that just works and are contacting us.

This is where you come in

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Tell us why you use TPC.  We’ll pass you comments on to those who ask.

What others have said

Here is what just a few of you have told us recently.

Larry – “The company I just started working for uses Trimble Business Center and I told them I won’t use it. It is almost impossible for Trimble to do what TPC just does naturally.”

Rich – “Everyone else down here uses CAD, but I can do everything so much faster in TPC. And you guys at TPC do Coordinate Reference Systems better than anyone else.”

Livingston – “I have used Carlson, but when I submit my plats from TPC, they like them better. I’m really proud of what TPC helps me do.”

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