Move Elevations to a Surface: Sneak Peek

Need to move existing elevations to a surface?  


Move Elevations to Surface… Command

TPC has a straight forward, easy to use command that does just that.  Moves the selected points to a selected surface.

TPC Desktop isn’t a design program and doesn’t claim to be. But tools like this let you easily work with finished grades and finished grade points.

How It Works

  • Create the surface to will eventually move points to.
  • Execute the Move Elevations to Surface… command from any view where you can select points.
  • From the dialog, select the points to be moved and the surface to move them to.

That’s it? And of course, you can Undo / Redo / Report all the moves.

[/one_third] [two_third_last]

Surfaces: Sneak Peek (3:15)