Five Easy Steps!

Because TPC Desktop™ is instinctive and intuitive, it streamlines your everyday project workflows !

  1. Research: Every survey starts with records research.
  2. Import Data: Upload from your data collector
  3. Fast Drawings:  QuickView technology creates maps from your data
  4. Make Decisions: TPC Desktop gives you complete control of your map
  5. Create Deliverables: Choose the file type of your choice

1. Research

Every survey starts with records research. And traverses are the prefect way to bring together all the pieces for your subject property.

Once you have the deeds, tax lot maps, right-of-ways, easements, boundaries and other information available your ready to move on to the next step: Importing the data

2. Import Data

TPC Desktop makes it easy to upload your data from a variety of different sources including digitizers, data collectors and other computer programs .

We accept all four CAD file types as upload options. In addition you can import ASCII coordinate files with any combination of point number (alpha or numeric), northing, easting, elevation and description.

We also accept GPS/GNSS, Land XML, Google Earth, GIS, GMM township data for PLSS surveys, and many more. Simply choose your file type you want to upload and TPC Desktop does the rest.

Once you’ve finished importing it’s time to move on to the QuickView map auto-generated from your data

Thomas Wawrzeniak - AMH C1-03 SUBDIVISION SITE PLAN 7-26-17

3 – Fast Drawings

The idea behind QuickView is simple. You enter the data, and you let the data do the drawing. QuickView uses 100% data association, so if the data changes the drawing is updated automatically.  And lets face it, faster drawings means faster surveys.

Here are a few of the ways Quick View helps you work like you think:

  • Setbacks are automatic, you never draw them
  • Objects are created for you, and can be modified as needed
  • Symbols and labels are a fixed size -so changing the drawing scale doesn’t change their size
  • Innovative tools like Point Codes allows QuickView to do field-to-finish
  • Traverse comes with all the standard CAD commands like offsets and dimensions.
Traverse PC - the TPC Desktop

Traverse PC – the TPC Desktop

4 – Make Decisions

Now that you’ve got your data uploaded and you’ve reviewed your map, its time to adjust how it appears visually. With TPC Desktop you can adjust any part of your map, even your data, at any time.

We designed our software to function like a surveyor thinks and works. From the way the COGO tools operate, to the way TPC Desktop automates the drawing process, to the ability to compare conflicting data and solve issues. It is all different than anything you’ve used before.

With TPC Desktop you combine the tools that are appropriate for the task. New tasks can be accomplished by rearranging the tools. This is the same basic philosophy behind business spreadsheets and it is what allows TPC Desktop to give you complete control of your surveys.

Traverse PC - the TPC Desktop

Traverse PC – the TPC Desktop

5. Create Deliverables

Your maps and reports can be delivered in a variety of forms including:

  • CAD: Export any version of DXF/DWG/DXB/DGN files
  • Google Earth: Export KML/KMZ files
  • LandXML: Export XML files, points, surfaces, etc.
  • GPS: Export GPS/GNSS positions
  • PDF: Anyone can view your deliverables
  • And Many More. See our Deliverables page for more information

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