Pete Jackson

Pete Jackson
Pete Jackson

“I am the sole Land Surveyor for a resource company who actively manages over 420,000 acres in Northern California. I do not have time to learn complicated CADD programs which were not designed specifically for surveying. I need a stand alone survey program that is intuitive, powerful, efficient, and is back by excellent tech support. TraversePC has been that program for me for the last 9 years.”

“I took a semester long class on Land Development Desktop to see if I could benefit from such a program at work. Over the course of the semester, I learned how to import points, develop a contour map from the points, insert breaklines, insert text, and print. Using Traverse PC, I was able to teach myself in less than a day how to do everything I learned in the semester long class. Traverse PC is the way to go for all Land Surveyors.”

“Traverse PC has been my stand alone survey program for the last nine years. I tried Land Development Desktop but came running back to Traverse PC.”

Pete Jackson, Korbel, CA

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