This video will introduce you to drawings and templates.

0:46 Starting a new drawing in the Drawing Manager

1:09 Selecting the Mortgage template

1:34 Paper Space objects – tied to the nearest corner of the page

2:06 Changing the page size – one template works for any drawing size

2:44 Survey Space objects – tied to the scale of the drawing

3:17 Selecting a new drawing scale

3:28 Drag-n-drop the survey anywhere on the page – coordinates don’t change

3:58 Drag-n-drop curve labels

4:15 Drag-n-drop multiple lot labels – adhoc group

4:48 Line labels that don’t fit on the line are automatically added to a line table

6:00 Inserting a Curve Table – include all the curves in the drawing

6:22 Smart Drawing Objects – update themselves automatically

6:45 Insert a Legend – point symbols are added automatically

7:48 Scale Bar and Title Block update automatically

8:18 Write a PDF file of the drawing using the Traverse PC PDF driver

9:17 Exporting a drawing as a DWG file

  • Video Series Introduction
  • Title Drawings and Templates
  • TPC Version 2010 and later
  • Website