This video introduces you to the Report View

0:23 Default report view – same name as survey, but it’s a DOC file

0:55 Renaming the report to Preliminary Report

1:50 Typing data into a report – it’s a word processor

2:10 Using the Summary button

3:00 Report sub-headings

3:30 Using the Summary button with COGO

5:00 Modifying the Summary information in the report

5:25 Print and Append to a report

6:47 Printing to a printer – just so you know how to do it

7:48 Appending a Closure View to the report

8:06 Appending a Traverse View to the report

9:00 Copy data from another report

9:34 The Traverse Report

10:23 Printing a report

12:00 Adding survey information directly to the current report

13:00 Saving and recalling reports