This video introduces you to simple surfaces.

0:17 Learning Guide – Simple Surfaces chapter

1:00 Open sample survey – Learn

1:20 Delineate traverses in drawing

1:54 Renaming the 3″ Minus Pile traverse

2:14 Create a surface for the selected traverse – easy

2:48 Automatic surface name from traverse

3:00 Designated Topo setting for traverse points – only topo points are included in a surface

3:40 TPC set the source of the surface

4:06 Use an existing traverse for the boundary

4:40 Manual recompute – faster drawing regens

5:00 Editing topo points – turn topo On/Off

5:50 Editing break lines and TIN

8:00 Contour settings

8:45 Smoothing contour lines and adding labels

9:16 Computing the volume of the stock pile

9:45 Shading slope areas