Postcard from Barbara Cooper

Postcard from Barbra Cooper
Postcard from Barbra Cooper

Barbara Cooper, a long long time TPC user with Hawaii Electric, recently took TPC to India. She sent back pictures of the project with a little note about how much she appreciated Traverse PC.

I celebrated my retirement from 33 years as a paid Land Surveyor by volunteering for a project in India with Engineering Ministries International. I was part of a nine person team that had to gather data on a 100+ acre missionary complex in only 6 field days, to create an as-built drawing of the site.

Traverse PC proved to be a true blessing by enabling me to aid in the creation of the drawing after returning to the US.  It allowed me to easily match the local Indian UTM datum and units used by the staff in India. I imported their CAD drawing sheets to use as an underlay while I created the surface contours from our field shots. I then exported the surfaces as a .dwg file for their review, feedback and inclusion in their drawing. I was also able to effortlessly import satellite imagery to help check locations of buildings, canals, etc.

The TPC technical staff was always fast to respond to any questions or problems I was having with the surface drawing, and made finishing this project an absolute joy!”

Barbara Brewer Cooper in India, PLS in CA, OR & HI

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