Choose the right version of Traverse PC for you

With TPC Desktop™ land survey software, you buy the Edition that’s right for you. If you decide later on that you need more features, you can upgrade to the next edition for just the price difference. It’s an easier way to own and maintain your software. We call it The Smart Survey System™. Free technical support is available for all Editions. Special offers are available.


TPC Desktop Personal offers the Basic COGO, Basic Drawing Tools, Basic Traverse Adjustments, Custom Reports and Import/Export tools you’ll use everyday. Perfect for foresters, assessors, landscape designers and construction and plat checking.


TPC Premium Edition provides the tools to perform routine land surveying tasks and may well serve the needs of many surveyors not fully engaged in more advanced surveying projects. If you don’t need profiles, vertical curves, cross-sections or Least Squares Network adjustment – this may be just the right edition for you. Our Premium edition is the choice for routine surveying and mapping, accident investigation and septic design.


TPC Professional Edition is the “complete package” for land surveying.  The powerful list of features provide the tools to perform basic as well as advanced surveying tasks. Our most complete edition is designed for advance surveying, engineering, highway design and planning, geodetics, and PLSS.

Two Ways to Purchase!

We offer our customers two ways to purchase Traverse PC. You can choose from either an ongoing subscription or a perpetual license:

Subscription features:

  • Billed quarterly or annually
  • Free updates
  • Free training – including one-on-one phone support
  • Free access to all our training tools in our Learning Center
  • Need more tools for the new jobs that are coming in?
    Upgrade to the next Edition on-line, anytime, just by paying
    the price difference.
  • Cancel anytime

Perpetual License features:

  • One-time payment
  • You own your license forever
  • Free access to all our training tools in our Learning Center
  • Subscribe annually to TPC Connection for annual updates,
    training and CEU credits

FREE Tech Support

Choose a subscription license and receive FREE tech support!

Easy to Use! Easy to Learn!

Our Learning Center put’s all our training tools in one convenient place. We take pride in providing quality self-training that fit’s anyone’s learning style and covering every topic and capability. And our MSE, LS, GISP certified staff is always available to walk you through any questions you might have over the phone.

Quick Start Guide

Start here to learn how to use TPC Desktop fast and easy.

Learning Guides

Cookbook steps and pictures to walk you through steps.


In-depth videos where you watch as we walk you through the steps.


Very short Videos that show common workflows and tasks.
Includes sample workflows which help you learn which TPC tools to learn and use for your surveys.

User Forum

Learn in community, ask current users how they do it.

Help Topics

Like the old manuals – everything is in here and easy to search.

Sample Surveys

We provide a number of sample surveys, so you can see how someone else did it.

Recorded Webinars

choose a topic, grab a cup of coffee and take a deep dive into Traverse PC’s features and capabilities.