Surfaces: Sneak Peek

Are you worried that surfaces might be too hard to learn?  

Wickedly Simple

Traverse PC’s surfaces are wickedly simple. Just select the points or traverse you want to include and TPC does the rest. Including a surface should be really easy, and with TPC, it is.


How It Works

Lots of jobs require the topography of the site. So while you’re picking up the boundary and site information, include a few ground shots too.

  • Tell TPC which points are topo points (TPC won’t include non topo points, like the top of a fire hydrant) and TPC creates the surface.
  • Then edit the surface to change the border, breaklines, contours, labels, smoothing, etc..
  • Include the surface in any drawing you want it in, just by tagging it in the Surface Manager.

Do More

Of course, when you need them, TPC provides other surface tools like volume, slope analysis, cut/fill sheets and more.

We provide step-by-step instructions in our Surfaces Learning Guide and lots of help in our Learning Center.

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Surfaces: Sneak Peek (3:06)