Coronavirus Response

Many of our education license holders have closed their campuses during the Coronavirus outbreak and asked us to help them teach Traverse PC remotely.

In response, we can issue you a temporary, multi-student license of TPC Desktop 2020 Professional, the same one you use in the computer lab.

  • We’ll provide you with a download link and key that you can make available to all your students.
  • Students can download, install and validate TPC on their personal computers.
  • You can deactivate students if needed to enforce compliance.
  • When you tell us your term is over and the student license is no longer needed, we’ll disable it for you.
  • You must be using TPC Desktop 2018 R2 or later for this to work.

Just fill out the form on this page and tell us how many student activations you would like.

Our Commitment to Education

At Traverse PC, we believe that we must all help to ensure that the land surveying industry continues to have the best prepared, most professional new surveyors possible. That is why we provide our software to land surveying training programs at no cost.

When it comes to teaching and learning surveying, TPC Desktop is the best surveying software out there!!

The reason is the way the program is structured. The entire program is built around integrated tools.  Students can mix and match the tools to do just about any job, but they must decide how to tackle the assignment and which tools are appropriate.  TPC Desktop takes the drudgery and busy work out the assignment, but they still have to THINK .  Two students may arrive at the same result using entirely different tools – the tools that match the process they choose to use.  Now you can ask for the results AND the reason they choose to do it that way.

Educational Site License Policy…

Traverse PC will provide your institution with as many seats of TPC Desktop as you need for you surveying curriculum at no cost.

These seats can be shared by the instructor to use in preparing the curriculum as well as technical support as needed for the instructor.


Your students can receive a one-year license of the Student Edition at no cost upon receipt of a valid Education Verification Form. You can also provide a list of the students enrolled in your land surveying classes to streamline the process.

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    How Many Student Activations Would You Like

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