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You missed out on our great first 100 offer but you can still take advantage of our next 100 offer. Be one of the next 100 people to purchase TPC Desktop Premium Edition with the TPC Connection membership for $995 and you will receive a perpetual license of the software (regularly $1,595) absolutely free with no further obligation!

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TPC Desktop Premium Edition
Perpetual License

Primary uses: Surveying / Mapping / Construction / Accident Investigation

TPC Desktop Premium Edition provides the tools to perform routine land surveying tasks and serves the needs of many surveyors and other professionals (Industries Served). If you don’t need profiles, vertical curves, cross-sections, Least Squares Network adjustments or cadastral tools (available only in the Professional Edition), this may be just the right edition for you.  Compare Editions

This offer expires when the next 100 are sold so act now!

The TPC Connection membership includes one full year of:

  • Program Updates (major releases, agile releases and maintenance updates)
  • Unlimited email, phone and online technical support
  • Unlimited, personalized phone and online training
  • Free Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Certificates with free live Webinar attendance