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SSDs – A Computing Experience

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With the speed improvements from TPC 2016 R2 coming soon, it made sense to talk about another way to make your computer faster that doesn’t involve new software. TPC has made a great effort to ensure opening and working with survey files is fast. Opening a large survey on a standard hard disk drive versus a newer SSD can make all the difference. I’m going to talk a bit about SSDs – Solid State Drives. SSDs are one of the newest improvements in hard drive development. It’s a hard drive without any spinning disks or moving parts.

The logic behind this is that access speeds for SSDs are tremendously better, because of the lack of moving parts. In addition, because traditional hard drives have spinning disks and a retractable arm that has to move to the right location on the spinning disks to get your information, SSDs can be much more reliable and less prone to failure. The SSD has memory chips that don’t require any mechanical operation for read or write operations. SSDs are just like using a thumb drive but on a larger and faster scale.


Most new computers today have the option to use a SSD instead of a standard hard drive for a bit more money. In my opinion its worth whatever the extra charge is for an SSD. It’s going to speed up all of your computations and be more reliable than a traditional hard drive.

Oliver Bochsler, Software Developer
Oliver Boschler - Traverse PC Software Developer

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