Surface Exclusions: Sneak Peek

Need to exclude a building pad so contours don’t run through it?  

Editing a Surface is Easy in TPC

Editing a surface in TPC is as easy as clicking inside a triangle or selecting a traverse.


How It Works

TPC does all the heavy lifting by creating the surface.  Then, you can easily edit it as needed.

  • Add or remove breaklines to better model the surface without adding more topo points.
  • Select the triangles (from the TIM) to exclude by left-clicking them in the drawing.
  • Select a traverse to exclude from the surface.

Share Exclusions with CAD

When you export the surface to CAD, the exclusions are part of the surface in CAD.  And you can import a surface from CAD and TPC will honor any exclusions it has. Pretty nice to share a surface model that behaves the same, no matter where it is used.

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Surface Exclusions: Sneak Peek (1:28)