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Surveyor Needed in American Samoa

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We received the following information from one of our users in American Samoa. They are looking for a surveyor. Here is your opportunity!

“I am in the process of closing down my survey business. Old age has taken it toll.

“So you better understand there are only 3 licensed surveyors here in American Samoa. I am one of the three. Both of the other two work for the American Samoan Government and do not have time to do much outside work.. Only one of them is a good surveyor!!!

“A contractor here has a contract to build a new fuel tank farm here in AS..  $6.6 M project.  This is funded with 100% federal grant. The local contractor needs a licensed surveyor to work on the project. The contractor called me last night in desperation to come and do the necessary work he needed to have done. I can not do the work because of my health and I have not maintained a crew either.

“This would be a good opportunity for some surveyor that has some time to get to see some of the South Pacific and get paid. Also a good time if some young person wanted to adventure out into a new geographical area and start an new business.

“However, knowing the way companies do business any surveyor needs to get all of his travel cost ++++ up front before he gets on the airplane and have the rest in his pocket when he leaves the Island. He will also need to bring all of his survey equipment with him.

“If any one is interested in coming I would be more than happy to talk to them over the phone. This would be a good Idea before they talk to the contractor as it is with most contractor, they want to punt in one or two stakes and thin wing it and blame the surveyor for any mistakes.

“We do have control  to accommodate the latest GIS equipment. There is a CORS station and a high quality GIS station with in a mile of the project. There is no survey equipment on Island in the private sector other than what I have and it is becoming very obsolete and old.

“If either of you may know a company or individual that might be interested they can contact the company as listed below. I Think that a good satellite system and pick up one person locally to help drive the stakes ( remember this whole Island is one big lava flow) would work out very well on this project.

“We have a very strict law on Drugs here. $5000 and 5 years first offence  any amount. They have sniffer dogs at airport.”

Contact person for the contractor:

Mr. Laulii Alofa-  owner
Lauli’i Wanda  alofalandw@yahoo.com

P.O. Box 2070, Pago Pago AS 96799
Tel: 699-7111 | Fax: 699-7113 | Cell: 258-5878
Website: http://www.paramountbuilders684.com

If Any one wants to contact me here are the numbers, Remember 3 hours time difference

L. P. French Professional Services
P. O. Box 2202
Pago Pago, AS 96799
Office/home 1-684-699-5627
Mob 1-684-733-1307