“NOTHING even comes remotely close to Traverse PC when you evaluate cost & performance.”

Steven L. Willett, PS, Preferred Land Surveys, KS - 2003 NGS Calibration Baselines

“I’m so happy with this software. You guys are at the genius level of mankind. Thank you “Although I retired from the Kansas Department of Transportation on 10/01/2018, I still operate my home based business (Preferred Land Surveys, established circa 2002).  I love my profession and I offer up these additional comments to you describing my belief & commitment to Traverse PC.  I’m so happy that I found you guys and gave it a try (test trial), because it was one of the best decisions in my life.  What’s it been, almost 6 years now? “I’ve been surveying since the late 1970’s with a very diversified resume of numerous employers in both CO. & KS.  During my career, I’ve witnessed a plethora of advancements both in the field and the office.  Of the multiple CADD systems that I’ve had to utilize over the past

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“Thank you so much for having the webinars and including the CEU certificates”

Traverse PC Web Seminars

“To all of the staff at Traverse PC: Thank you so much for having the webinars and including the CEU certificates, especially for those who are TPC Connection members. The saving alone for me, vs. other seminars and classes,  has more than paid for the entire cost of  having the TPC Connection, and is far more beneficial to my surveying practice by learning something that I can apply to my practice immediately and in the future.” Patrick A. McGannon,  Registered Professional Surveyor, Ohio

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“This surveying software is a complete package and does everything I need as a Texas surveyor”

“I bought the Traverse PC Desktop Professional Edition in 2016 soon after beginning my consulting practice. I called and spoke with owner and founder John Balcom to place my order. Technical work and drafting are not my strong suits but this surveying software is a complete package and does everything I need as a Texas surveyor. “My practice frequently involves retracement of original surveys, all reported in varas. Traverse PC recently added varas to its list of units making it super easy to enter data in varas and calculate in varas. No more converting back and forth outside the program. They did this for their customers in Texas! “Can’t say enough good things about Mark Lull in Support at Traverse PC. Help is only a phone call or email away and I always get the help I need when I need it. “This is

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“Without Traverse PC our company would not have this lucrative contract.”

2007 – 2013 “I’m working in the high Arctic on a project called the DEW Line Clean Up (DLCU). DEW is an acronym for Distant Early Warning systems. Which is a joint project of the Canadian and American military. When the Cold War began in the early 50’s we decided we needed some sort of protective warning system in case the Russians were to attack us from the North so we constructed a line of radar facilities in the high Canadian arctic to keep vigil which we still do today. “Unfortunately all these years and mountains of garbage toxins and PCB’s, etc were deposited on hundreds of acres of pristine tundra. No possible way to dispose properly and nobody cared. Today the 23 major sites, 58 altogether if you count intermediate are either being demolished or if they are not decommissioned they will be

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