“NOTHING even comes remotely close to Traverse PC when you evaluate cost & performance.”

Steven L. Willett, PS, Preferred Land Surveys, KS - 2003 NGS Calibration Baselines

“I’m so happy with this software. You guys are at the genius level of mankind. Thank you “Although I retired from the Kansas Department of Transportation on 10/01/2018, I still operate my home based business (Preferred Land Surveys, established circa 2002).  I love my profession and I offer up these additional comments to you describing my belief & commitment to Traverse PC.  I’m so happy that I found you guys and gave it a try (test trial), because it was one of the best decisions in my life.  What’s it been, almost 6 years now? “I’ve been surveying since the late 1970’s with a very diversified resume of numerous employers in both CO. & KS.  During my career, I’ve witnessed a plethora of advancements both in the field and the office.  Of the multiple CADD systems that I’ve had to utilize over the past

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“Thanks for developing a great tool (software package) that has assisted me in providing 1st class products”

Leland Fischer PLS USFS and Traverse PC

“Friends at Traverse PC, “Just wanted let you all know that I will retire on January 3rd after nearly 41 years with the Forest Service.  Traverse PC has been a part of my Land Surveying Tool box since late 1987 or early 1988.  The first version (DOS) I ran on a 20 megabyte hard drive PC.  Those were the days.  Thanks for developing a great tool (software package) that has assisted me in providing 1st class products to my Forest Service clients. “Again thank you for your support and those occasional personal interactions on the phone, conferences and workshops.  Also, I thought I would share a photo of myself decked out in Traverse PC bling.” Leland Fischer, PLS, U.S. Forest Service, Wenatchee, WA

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