TPC Combines Analytical with CAD

Hello Surveyors,

I’ve been surveying for some time, working for different types of organizations, and I also run my own small company. Larger entities have all of the CAD systems and analytical tools possible. I operated all of those systems and know how they work. When starting my company, I did not have a lot of money. I got a level and a total station from auctions. I took equipment that had been thrown away and reconditioned it. I walked to school uphill in both directions. I saved and bought a Javad GPS base and rover.

In looking for CAD/Analytical tools, I did a lot of research, asked a lot of questions and found that I did not want to be held hostage to big corporate upgrades and associated fees. I knew Traverse PC was not a CAD system and what I was used to, but I was attracted to the cost and that I could get a lifetime seat. I’ve always learned whatever system has been put in front of me to maintain and excel at work, so I knew that Traverse PC was different, but it did not phase me.

I’ve found since 2015 that Traverse PC combines the analytical and CAD together. In my opinion it gives more mathematical / geometrical / trigonometrical/ planimetrical control to the user without sacrificing any document production capabilities. It puts you virtually at every turn you’re taking in the field. It actually has more functions that target the various products that a surveyor encounters. If there is one drawback, it would be the time and experience using it to get to the point to be productive, but they have provided good reference material in different formats to help you get there.

I still use the corporate tools at work and Traverse PC for my business. I feel more in touch with my work using Traverse PC and prefer it. I highly recommend Traverse PC to any surveyor in any capacity; it will make you a better surveyor.


Paul Quagge
All Points Land Surveying
Mesa, AZ