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TPC Desktop 2016 Release 1 Has Shipped!

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We are pleased to announce that TPC Desktop 2016 Release 1 shipped on April 27, 2016 to all of our TPC Connection members! See more

All of our TPC Connection members now get to take advantage of the new features.

Fit Horizontal Curve

Check out the new best fit line and curve routines:

  • Best Fit Horizontal Line (13:08)Create a best fit line via Least squares, Fixed bearing or Pass through point.
  • Best Fit Horizontal Curve (4:45) Fit a horizontal curve using Average radius or Least Squares.
  • Traverse PC’s best fit routines have minimally constrained Least Squares options which provide the classic solution, but also allow you constrain the solution to a fixed bearing, pass through a known point or use a simple average radius. We think these are the tools you need to make the best decisions possible.

Check out: CRS Files (3:04)

  • Now you can add your own CRS (Coordinate Reference System) file to TPC or modify an existing one to fit your needs. This allowed us to add state CRS files for Iowa, Indiana plus update the files for Minnesota, Wisconsin and Oregon. And you can easily add the CRS file for your state or county.
  • We also updated our NAD83 files to NAD 83 (2011) and (PA11) to include the epoch 2010.00 changes.

Medial LinesCheck out: Medial Lines PLSS (8:21)

  • TPC now computes medial lines per the BLM 2009 Manual of Surveying Instruction. This is a great addition for our CFedS and agency users. But you can also use this classic Voronoi solution to compute any centerline between two opposing boundaries.

For a limited time, we have some great special offers to help you start using Traverse PC or update your old copy. So give me a call right away.

Eric Tanikawa
Traverse PC
sales@traverse-pc.com  (800) 460-3002   (541) 997-3518
Eric Tanikawa - Traverse PC Sales

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