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Traverse PC’s Message View

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The Message View (Window | Message View) is one of the ways that Traverse PC communicates with the user. It is stored automatically and retains all messages, past and current, until the user removes them.

I sometimes receive files from users who may be having trouble doing something in Traverse PC. When I open the file, TPC pops up the Message View telling me that it has detected this or that which could interfere with some operations. It is important to be cognizant of these messages and take appropriate actions based on what TPC is reporting.

Here is an example of a few of the messages you may find in the Message View:
TPC's Message ViewYou can see here, for example that point 1’s coordinates are way out of the norm and TPC is letting the user know about it so they can resolve the issue. If the user ignores the message and attempts to work with point 1 in this condition, unreliable results may occur.

You can also see where the user attempted to delete a point (19) that was being used in the survey as well as a report about the import of some coordinates. These are just a few of the types of messages you may encounter. Just make sure you know what is there and use the information provided as appropriate.

TPC's Message ViewOne of the reasons some users aren’t aware of these messages from TPC may be that the Message View window is not large enough to be readily apparent to the user. I have seen cases where the Message View is displayed but it is shrunk down to a fairly imperceptible size as shown here:

In this case, the user needs to expand the Message View window so that its contents can be viewed and evaluated.

The Message View is also fully editable and it is saved as an RTF format file with the same name as the project’s TRV filename. You can easily open the file in any word processor program for other uses.

As you can see, the Message View is another valuable tool in Traverse PC that can help you with a lot of things – but only if you know it is there.

Mark Lull, Technical Support
Mark Lull - Traverse PC Technical Support

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