Primary Use


Primary Use
Lot Checking / Resource Management



Coordinate Reference Systems (CRS)   Learn More…
Point Protection
Coordinate Conversion: Feet/Meters/Chains/Scale Factor
Compute Grid Coordinates from Ground Distance
Inverse Ground Distance from Grid Coordinates
UTM, NAD 83 (2011) (PA11), NAD 83 (Albers), NAD 27
Country CRSs Included (Canada 3TM/MTM/UTM, New Zealand NZTM2000)
State & County CRSs Included (Minnesota, Oregon, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana)
Add / Edit your own CRS
User-defined Grids and Ellipses
International or U.S. Survey Foot
Convert Single Geodetic Point (Lat/Long) <=> Grid Coordinates



Geodetics   Learn More…
Grid & Ground Distance types
Compute ground distance from project elevation or mean course elevation
Grid & True Direction types
Project mapping angle determines true directions
Select distance and direction types for COGO
Select distance and direction types for drawing areas and labels
Project mapping angle determines true directions
Geodetic videos, learning guide and sample files
Geodetic direct and inverse
Compute geodetic distance from project elevation or mean course elevation
Compute true bearing from mean course convergence
All geodetic computations related to Coordinate Reference System
Report scale factor and convergence for each survey point
Computes geodetic areas from project elevation or mean course elevation
Select geodetic distance and direction types for COGO
Select geodetic distance and direction types for drawing areas and labels


Least Squares

Least Squares   Learn More…
Blunder Detection
Solve Resections
Four Step Process (Analyze, Solve, Update, Report)
2D or 3D Adjustments
Traverse Adjustments
Undo Adjustments
Report Positional Tolerances
ALTA/ACSM 2011 Standard
Relative Positional Accuracy (RPA)
Network Adjustments
Individual Traverse A Priori Values



COGO   Learn More…
Interactive COGO Dialogs
Random Inverse
Horizontal Curves
Enter Radial Bearings for Horizontal Curves
Enter Equations for Bearing / Distance / Elevation
Shared Lot Lines-Changing One Changes the Other
Insert Points at Midpoint of Line or Curve
COGO Tools Available in All Views
Rotate / Translate / Inverse / Offset
Intersections Including Offsets / Spirals / Curves
Corner Offsets
Resection / Benchmark
Automatic Lot Setbacks – Front / Side / Rear
Multiple Points on a Line
Compute Offsets to a Line or Curve
Create a Point at a Distance & Offset
Remote Offset-Perpendicular / HA / VA / Horizontal/Vertical Distance
Best Fit Horizontal Curve (Least Squares, average radius)
Best Fit Horizontal Line (Least Squares, fixed bearing, through point)
Predetermined Area
Tangent Intersects with Offsets
Stakeout / Cut-Fill


Legal Descriptions

Legal Descriptions   Learn More…
Convert Traverse to Legal Description
Edit Legal Description
Insert into Any Drawing
User Style Settings Include Rounding, Abbreviations, Decimals, One Course per Line, More
Spell Check All or Portion of Legal Description


Google Earth

Google Earth   Learn More…
Import / Export KML files
Import / Export KMZ files
Import points, traverses, surfaces, lot labels, sideshots, drawings
Export points, traverses, surfaces, lot labels, sideshots, drawings



LandXML   Learn More…
Import / Export LandXML files
Import / Export Points
Import / Export Parcels
Import / Export Alignments
Import / Export Vertical Curves
Import / Export Surfaces



GIS (Shape Files)   Learn More…
Export Survey Points or Traverses as Shape Files
Import Shape Files as Survey Points or Traverses
Export Drawings as Shape Files
Export Point or Polyline shapes
Export Point Labels, Coordinates and Descriptions in DBF File
Writes Projections(.prj) on Export
Reads Projections(.prj) on Import
Select GIS Coordinate System on Export
Import Shape Files into Drawings
GIS Coordinate Systems (Geographic,Projected,Local)
Identifies Imported Geographic Shapes without Projection File
Reference Import Shapes to Survey




CAD Files – DXF / DWG   Learn More…
CAD View (native CAD files)
Import Coordinates from a DXF File
Export a Drawing as AutoCAD R11-2015 DWG File
Export a Drawing as AutoCAD R9-2015 DXF File
Raster Image Support
Export Entities Only
User-defined Layers
Export Symbols as Blocks
Traverses from CAD Lines / Text / Points
Import a DXF / DWG File into Drawings with Layers / Hatching / Blocks / More
Convert Imported Objects to Survey Points Selectively or in Groups
Check Tolerance of Imported Objects to Eliminate Duplicates
Exploded Geometry / Grouped Attributes
PolyFaceMeshes / MeshFaceLoops
XReferences (Bind, Load, Unload)


CAD View

CAD View (new in 2016)   Learn More…
Open Native CAD Files (DWG, DGN, DXF, DXB)
Manage Layers (On, Off, Isolate, Freeze, Thaw, etc)
Select and List Entities
Convert Selected Entities to Survey
Edit and Update Existing (save) CAD Files
Add Entities (lines, circles, text, etc)
View Layouts
Convert CAD Formats (i.e. DXF to DWG)
Send CAD Entities / Layers to Drawing View
Send CAD Entities / Layers to Drawing View as Group
Send Drawing View Objects to CAD View



Roads / Alignments

Roads   Learn More…
Automatically Plots All Curve Parameters in Drawings
Enter Any Curve Data & TPC Computes All Parameters
Right-of-Way Offsets
Spirals/Spiral Offsets/Spiral Intersections
Multiple Points on a Grade
Float PC’s & PT’s Along Tangents Automatically
Compute Station/Offset of any Points Based on any Alignment
Vertical Curves
Cross Sections



Surfaces   Learn More…
Over 20X Faster & More Accurate
Multiple Contours Per Drawing-Stockpiles / Construction Phases / More
Create Contours for All Points / Individual Traverses / Selected Points
User-defined Contour Intervals / Colors / Line Types / Labels / Borders / Breaklines
Save / Reset User Settings
Optional Border
Fix Blunders Easily with TOPO Point Delineation
Contour Smoothing
Break Line Toggle
Contour Information Reports
Surface Area / Plan Area / Cut & Fill Areas
Volumes to a Border / Specific Elevation / Another Contour Surface
Computes Net Volume / Cut Volume / Fill Volume
Cut-sheet Report
Generate Transects from Traverses / Lines / Polylines
Slope Analysis
Import / Export LandXML



Cadastral Surveys (PLSS)   Learn More…
Ground distance and true bearings per PLSS
PLSS traverses, areas, COGO and drawings
Single and Double Proportion with detailed report
Grant and Irregular Boundary adjustments with detailed report
Offset random line to true line
Import GMM Township record files, automatically create traverse, auto-plot
Medial Lines
Cadastral videos, learning guide, sample surveys, drawing templates, blocks


Point Codes

Point Codes   Learn More…
Point Code View-List Codes & Descriptions
Build New Code Tables from Existing Data-Instantly
Update Existing Traverses with New Points & Codes
Assign Drawing Settings to Codes for Feature Mapping
Copy Drawing View Settings Between Codes
Assign Survey Point Properties
Point Code Alias
Manage Multiple Code Tables
Supports Most Data Collector Codes



Drawing Codes

Drawing Codes   Learn More…
Begin Line / End Line
Begin Curve / End Curve
Begin Figure / End Figure / Close Figure
Rectangle from next 3 points
Curve from next 3 points
Rectangle from next 2 points and width
Codes in Notes
Codes in Point Descriptions


Plat Checking

Plat Checking
Traverses from CAD Lines / Text / Points
Insert Traverse Command
Traverses Manager-Closure Information
Electronic Plat Checking Booklet (PDF)



Drawings   Learn More…
Uses QuickView Technology for Fast, Accurate, Up-to-date Drawings
Include Complete Survey or Selected Traverses
Center Drawing at Maximum Scale on Any Page
Rotate Drawing on the Page-North Arrow Tracks Automatically
Set Point Symbols / Line Types / Labels / Colors-Globally / by Traverse / Individually
Hatching & Filling
User-defined Hatching
Zoom Page / Extents / Window / Previous / In / Out
Pan with Drag-n-Drop
Paper Space / Survey Space Modes
Hide / Show Objects
Edit Individual Object Properties (Font / Size / Line Type / Symbol / etc.)
Cut / Copy / Paste Text to and from Other Programs
Select Multiple Objects
Trim / Rotate / Resize Symbols
Ortho Mode
Drafted Lines
User-defined Line Types
Variables for File Name / Drawing Scale / Drawing Data / More
Rounded Rectangles
Rotate Rectangles
Interactive COGO Tools
Find Point Command
Repeating Commands
Create Traverses from Drawing View
Erase Multiple Objects
White or Black Background
Traverses can Share Permanent Drawing
Delineate Traverses and/or Points
Gap Point Type to Not Draw Line
Spell Check-Individual Objects / Selected Objects / Entire Drawing
Store / Recall Traverse / Drawing Settings by Name
Traverses from CAD Lines / Text / Points
Insert Traverse Command
User-defined Grid
Insert Legal Description
User-defined Symbols
Offset Lines Graphically
Multiple Drawings
Display Traverse in Temporary Drawing or Share Permanent Drawing
Unlimited Number of Drawings per Survey
Duplicate / Rename Drawings
Drawing Commands
Nested Commands
Multi-level Undo
Step-by-step Prompts
Enter Exact Values or Place with Mouse
Horizontal & Angled Text
Leaders with Choice of Arrows
Move / Edit Traverses
Text Box with Word-wrap & Resize
Curved Text, Auto-Curved Text
Outlined Fonts / Text Borders
Insert Picture Files-JPG / BMP / GIF / ICO / TIF / EMF / WMF / PNG
Dynamic Offsets
Dynamic Object Labels
Dynamic Dimensioning
Label Interior Angles
Single & Continuous Lines
Snap to Insert / Mid / End / Perpendicular / Intersection / Tangent
Snap to Nearest
Object Snap
Arcs / Circles / Rectangles
Polylines with Optional Forced Closure / Hatching & Filling
Polyline Smoothing
Rotate / Translate / Duplicate Traverses
Align / Space Text & Other Objects Evenly
Trim / Extend / Break / Copy objects / Fillet / Chamfer
Convert Drawing Objects to Survey Points
Graphic Offset Tool
Drawing Codes (Begin / End Line / Close / Rectangle / Continue) Learn More…
Groups & Blocks
Supports CAD Blocks & Nested Blocks
Edit / Resize / Rotate Blocks
Force a Block to a Single Color
Convert a Block to a Group
Edit Individual Group Members
Insert Objects Into a Drawing
Insert an Object Multiple Times
Group / Ungroup Objects
Explode Blocks
User-defined Blocks
Retrieve & Re-use Blocks from any CAD Drawing
Choose ‘Share File With Others’ to Include All Block Definitions in File
Group Last Import (CAD, GIS, etc)
Reference Group to Survey
Lot Labels   Learn More…
Automatic or User-defined Lot Labels
User-defined Font / Size / Color / Decimal Places
Acres / Hectares / Square Feet / Square Meters
Automatically Centers Lot Label & Area in Lot
Copy Lot Settings from One Lot to Another
Hide Lot Label Layer
Export Layers in DXF / DWG Files
Edit Layers On / Off, Freeze / Thaw, Lock / Unlock, Notice / Ignore, Current, Rename, Add / Delete, Forward / Backward, Isolate / Restore
Isolate a Single Layer
Ignore Layers
Add & Delete User Layers
Control Object Properties by Layer
Right-click any Object to Access its Layer
Convert all Objects on a Layer to Survey Points
Background Layer
Insert pictures into drawings: JPG, GIF, BMP, EMF, WMF, PNG, TIF, ICO, PNG / World Files
Overlay survey on background picture
Reference picture to survey
Resize / Stretch pictures
Crop / Flip / Mirror / Rotate pictures
Pictures Rescale with Survey (Optional)
Export Drawings as JPG, GIF, BMP, EMF, WMF, PNG, TIF, ICO, PNG / World Files
Include Pictures in Exported DXF / DWG Files
Enhanced Hatching
Solid / Hatch Pattern / Bitmap
Predefined Patterns & Bitmaps
User-defined Hatching
Fill Entire Traverses
Clear Hatching Around Text
Associative Hatching Changes with Objects / Traverses
Fill Rectangles, Circles, Polylines, Smoothed Polylines
Append to Smart Legend
Drafted Line Types
50+ Predefined Line Types
Embedded Text –[Utility]–, Symbols Drafted Line Types - Embedded Symbols, Markers –X–X–
Patterns —- — —- —
User-defined Line types
AutoCAD Compatible Patterns
Drawing Templates
Default Template
Template Resizes to any Page Size / Orientation Automatically
Save any Drawing as a Template
Edit Existing Templates
Import Template into Existing Drawing
Object Library
Preview Symbols for Selection
Organize Symbols in Folders
Dozens of Point Symbols Included
North Arrows / Borders / Title Blocks / Scale Bars Included
Traffic Symbols Included
Sample Stamps & Logo Symbols Included
Standard BLM Corner Symbols Included
User-defined Line types
User-defined Hatching
User-defined Symbols & Blocks Using DXF
Retrieve & Re-use Symbols from Any CAD Drawing


Smart Drawing Objects™

Smart Drawing Objects™   Learn More…
Smart Borders
Smart Title Blocks
Smart Line Labels
Smart Point Labels
Smart Lot / Area Labels
Smart Scale Bars
Smart Legend
Smart Line / Curve Tables
Smart Point / Coordinate Table
Smart Lot Table



Learn More…

Control / Topo / Deeds / Foundations / Features / Areas
Predefined & User-defined Traverse View Formats
Alpha / Numeric Point Labels
Raw Closure / Relative & Linear Error / Area
Set Closed Loop Tolerance
One or Two Lines per Point
Closure Information Available in Traverses Manager
Predefined & User-defined Drawing View Traverse Format
Adjust XYZ / Angles / Undo
Point-by-Point Adjustment Details
Precision Tool (Adjustment)
Adjust Curvature & Refraction / Scale Factor
Traverse Operations
Insert / Append / Delete / Edit Points
User-defined Reusable Formats
Edit Raw Data
Recompute from Raw Data
Compare Raw Data with Adjusted/Inverse Data
Use Equations to Enter Data
Display Traverse in Temporary Drawing or Share Permanent Drawing
Find Point Command in Traverse/Point Views
Gap Point Type to Not Draw Line
Store/Recall Traverse/Drawing Settings by Name
Copy Points from one Traverse to Another
Re-label Points for Export to Data Collector
Duplicate / Copy Traverses
Precision Tool (Adjustment)
Angle Sets
Compute Angle Sets
Report Angle Set Errors
Multiple Sets
Enter Angle Sets: BFBF / BBFF / BFFB / BF2 / BF4
Positive & Negative Instrument Height
Positive & Negative Target Heights
Protect Elevations Manually or as Entered
3-Dimensional Drawing Objects


Importing / Exporting

Files Supported (not listed elsewhere)   Learn More…
Adobe PDF Export
User-Defined ASCII Coordinates
User-Defined Raw Data Files
MS Excel CSV
MicroSurvey Field Genius
Shape Files
Direct Connection to Data Collector / Total Station / Laser
Files Transfer: Ymodem / Kermit / Text
TDS RW5, RAW, CR5, Binary CR5
Carlson Surv CE RAW, Binary CRD
Trimble Business Center
AutoCAD R9-2015 DXF (see CAD for details)
AutoCAD R11-2015 DWG (see CAD for details)
Leica / LisCAD / Pentax
Nikon RAW V2.0
Criterion / Impulse / Range-Range / Reverse Direction
Garmin GPS Waypoints / Routes / Tracklogs / Text / E-Trex (Serial Connections Only)
SMI Coordinates or Raw Data
Trimble 5600 Series Total Stations
Topcon GTS Series Total Stations
Thales Navigation Z-Max Raw Data
CST / Berger / Geodimeter 600
MicroStation V7 / V8 DGN
Pacsoft CRD & PDT
C&G CRD (Binary) & CGC (Binary)



Reports   Learn More…
Edit / Print / Copy / Paste
Coordinates / Traverses / Raw Data / Raw Closure
Survey Summary
COGO Summary
Insert Any Report into Any Drawing
Spell Check All or Portion of Report
Save / Recall / Edit Reports
Station / Offset
Multiple Traverses



Search / Sort

Search / Replace / Sort / Query
Find Matching Point Labels & Descriptions
Replace Text in Descriptions
Select Points by Proximity to a Known Point
Select All Points in a Range
Select Points by Matching Text
Select Points by Tags
Sort Points to Nearest Neighbor


Sun Shots

Sun Shots
Sun Shots



Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
On-Line HTML Help
Download Web Updates
Getting Started / Learning Guide
Electronic Manuals
Network File Sharing / File Locking / Printing
Electronic Plat Checking Booklet
Live Presentation



Network/Site Licensing Available for Three or More Licenses
Educational License Available
Perpetual license with TPC Connection (Special Offers may be available)
Perpetual 3-Seat license with TPC Connection (Special Offers may be available)
Subscription  $/mo (3 month increments) $40 $60 $80

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