2016 Release 0: January 2016

2016 Release 1: April 2016 (available only to TPC Connection members)

2016 Release 2: Sept 2016 (available only to TPC Connection members)

What’s New


Larger Survey Files (3:04)

This release of TPC is all about speed. You can now work comfortably with larger surveys.

We developed this release using surveys with 10,000 to 100,000 points. Our goal was to identify bottlenecks where you had to wait for TPC to finish a task. We tackled the obvious ones first and have a list of others to address in future releases.

Example – 50K Point Survey

 Task                               X faster        (2016 R1 / 2016 R2 times in seconds)
Open survey                 9X faster        (41.2 sec / 4.8 sec)
Open Traverse View   93X faster        (65.0 sec / 0.70 sec)
Regen drawing         134X faster        (470.4 sec / 3.5 sec)

Example – 1.3M Point Survey

 Task                               X faster        (2016 R1 / 2016 R2 times in seconds)
Import 1.3M Points       71X faster      (1141.0 sec / 16.0 sec)

Virtualized Data

The Points Manager and Traverse View now open almost instantaneously, no matter how many survey points they reference.

We did this through what is called virtualized data. TPC retains more control over the data, providing information on just the part of the view that is open. The results are faster operations in just about every aspect of the view.

Progress Indicator

The status bar now tells you what TPC is doing and how many points it has processed. So if you have to wait for an operation to finish, you can at least see how TPC is progressing.

Start by opening a large survey and watch as TPC tells you how many points it read, how many lines it created, how many traverses and traverse point it loaded and so on. Open a drawing or a surface and TPC will show you the progress as it computes drawing objects, contours and surfaces.

Drawing Optimizations

Drawings happen a lot faster, thanks to some very specific optimizations. We identified the slowest drawing operations and optimized them. So a large drawing that may have taken a minute to render before, now takes just seconds.

Opening Large Surveys

When you open a large survey, TPC keeps track of the time it takes. If it takes too long, TPC provides some program settings for you, that will speed up your work. We explain these in a new help topic Working with Large Survey Files.

One of these is the new option to NOT open the current drawing when you open a survey. Without the drawing, you can still open traverses, check closures, generate reports and everything else TPC does. Then, when you choose, open any drawing.

What's Next

We have lots more optimizations planned for the next release of TPC Desktop. We plan on taking maximum advantage of all the processor cores in your computer and any SSD drives you’ve installed.  If you really want speed and have invested in a fast computer, we’ll be right there to take advantage of it.

Updates / Upgrades


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Traverse PC allows all previous sersions to be updated to the Current Version of Traverse PC at substantial discounts.

Updates require the Serial Number of your current program. It can be found by choosing Help | About TPC Desktop.


Traverse PC allows you to Upgrade from one Edition of the Current Version to another Edition.

You pay just the difference in list price between the two Editions.

Note: If you do not have the Current Version, you need to first Update to the Current Version and then Upgrade to the Edition you want.

Upgrades require the Serial Number of your current program. It can be found by choosing Help | About TPC Desktop.


  • Version: A Version is defined as the specific name of a release such as TPC Desktop V9.5 or TPC Desktop 2018.
  • Edition: An Edition is defined as the specific set of features that has an Edition name such as TPC Desktop 2018 Professional (2018 is the Version and Professional is the Edition).
  • Current Version: The Current Version is the Version that is currently being sold by Traverse PC.
  • Recent Version: Recent Versions are the Versions immediately preceding the Current Version and which are still supported by Traverse PC Technical Support.
  • Older Version: An Older Version is a Version for which Traverse PC no longer provides Technical Support or program maintenance.
  • Update: An Update is defined as moving from a prior Version to the same Edition of the Current Version such as TPC Desktop Professional 2017 to TPC Desktop Professional 2018.
  • Upgrade: An Upgrade is defined as moving from one Edition of the Current Version to another Edition of the Current Version such as from TPC Desktop 2018 Personal to TPC Desktop 2018 Premium.