TPC Desktop 2022 Release 0 (January 2022)


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Single-User License (Perpetual)

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  • Can be moved to another computer if needed
  • Can be updated independently of other licenses
  • Includes TPC Connection (annual support)

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Primary uses: Surveying / Mapping / Construction / Accident Investigation

TPC Desktop Premium Edition provides the tools to perform routine land surveying tasks and serves the needs of many surveyors and other professionals (Industries Served). If you don’t need profiles, vertical curves, cross-sections, Least Squares Network adjustments or cadastral tools (available only in the Professional Edition), this may be just the right edition for you.  Compare Editions

Survey Commands

All the features in the Personal Edition plus:

  • Data Collection Interface: Upload and download to popular data collectors, total stations, GPS
  • Sun Shots: Compute any bearing or azimuth based on Hour Angle sunshots
  • Sort Points: Use the ‘nearest neighbor’ to sort points into feature lines
  • Least Squares Traverse Adjustment: 2D or 3D traverse adjustment, blunder detection, ALTA/ACSM 2011 compliant. See Professional Edition for Least Squares Network.
  • Drawing Commands: Add drawing codes in the field on any data collector, GPS or total station and turn them on to turn your points into a drawing (i.e. .BL=Begin Line, etc.)


All the features in the Personal Edition plus:

  • Build Surfaces: By triangulation or rectangular grids
  • Contouring: One step triangulation and contour from topo points
  • Surface Manager: Change surface display properties and adjust surface functions to add and remove points and breaklines and swap edges
  • Breaklines: Import breaklines from traverses (feature lines), breakline files or select graphically
  • Edit Surface: Turn topo points on or off and the watch the surface update instantly
  • CAD Surfaces: Import / Export CAD surfaces, PolyFaceMeshes / MeshFaceLoops
  • Design: Right click surface points  to change elevations and watch the surface update instantly
  • Volumes: Compute volumes between surfaces, to an elevation or to the perimeter of the topo points (great for stockpiles)
  • Volume Shading: select hatching / color for cut / fill / daylight polygons
  • Cut Sheet: Report cut / fill from traverse points and drawing objects to any surface
  • Import/Export: Share surfaces directly with CAD (DWG/DGN)


All the features in the Personal Edition plus:

  • Geodesics: Direct and Inverse computations
  • Distance Types: Choose from 8 distance types to relate grid, ground and geodetic distances
  • Direction Types: Choose from 5 direction types to relate grid, true and geodetic bearings
  • COGO: Choose to perform COGO with grid, ground or geodetic data
  • Project Elevation: Choose a project elevation for ground distance scaling
  • Geodetic Drawings: Use geodetic distance, direction and area for all drawing labels


All the features in the Personal Edition plus:

  • Coordinates: Least Squares Traverse
  • Apply Factors: Apply scale factor, curvature and refraction


All the features in the Personal Edition plus:

  • Tables: Smart tables for lines, curves, points and areas update themselves and the drawing labels automatically
  • CAD Commands: Adds CAD commands like trim, extend, fillet, chamfer, dimensions and offsets
  • Convert Objects to Survey: Select drawing objects from an imported CAD file and TPC converts them to survey points, checking for gaps and overlaps typical of CAD
  • Layers Manager: Manage drawing layers
  • Blocks: Create your own drawing objects (blocks)
  • Retrieve CAD Blocks: Strip blocks out of any existing CAD file and re-use them in TPC drawings
  • Field to Finish: with Point Codes


All the features in the Personal Edition plus:

  • Predetermined Areas: Partition any lot into a smaller lot with remainder (which can also be partitioned)
  • Best Fit Horizontal Line: Fit a line to existing points via 1.Least Squares, 2.Fixed bearing or 3.Pass through a point
  • Best Fit Horizontal Curve: Fit a curve to existing points via 1.Least Squares or 2.Average radius
  • Tangent Intersects: Compute intersections tangent to one or more arcs involving 1) two arcs, 2) a point and an arc, 3) both with offsets.

CAD View

All the features in the Personal Editions plus:

  • Save As: Open any CAD file and save it as any other format (DXF->DWG, DWG->DGN, etc)


All the features in the Personal Edition plus:

  • Projections (.prj): Read projections on import and write projections on export.
  • GIS Coordinate System: TPC understands Geographic, Projected and Local
  • Export: Select GIS Coordinate System on export.
  • Importing Geographic: TPC identifies geographic shape files even if they don’t have a projection file.


All the features in the Personal Edition plus:

CRS – Coordinate Reference System

  • Coordinate Transformation: Transform points between grid projections and geodetic positions
  • Low Distortion Zones: Support for low distortion zones used by many states
  • Southern Hemisphere: Transform points in either the northern or southern hemisphere
  • Project Factors: Use project mapping angle and elevation or apply more rigorous corrections for individual courses
  • Geodetic Drawings: Use geodetic distance, direction and area for all drawing labels
  • Standard CRS Included: UTM, NAD 83 (2011)(PA11), NAD 83 (Albers), NAD 27
  • Country CRS Included: Canada 3TM/MTM/UTM, New Zealand NZTM2000
  • County CRS Included: Minnesota, Oregon, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana
  • Edit CRS: Edit an existing CRS or add your own.
  • User-defined Grids and Ellipses: Use one of the standards we include or add your own.
  • Survey Foot: Choose from International or U.S. Survey Foot.

Updates / Upgrades


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  • Version: A Version is defined as the specific name of a release such as TPC Desktop V9.5 or TPC Desktop 2018.
  • Edition: An Edition is defined as the specific set of features that has an Edition name such as TPC Desktop 2018 Professional (2018 is the Version and Professional is the Edition).
  • Current Version: The Current Version is the Version that is currently being sold by Traverse PC.
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