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Surveying / Engineering / Highway / Accident Investigation / Geodetics / PLSS

TPC Desktop Professional Edition is the complete package for land surveying.  The powerful list of features provide the tools to perform basic as well as advanced surveying tasks.

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All the features in the Personal and Premium Editions plus:

Least Squares

  • Least Squares Network: 2D or 3D, blunder detection, ALTA/ACSM 2011 compliant,builds network automatically from survey data, individual traverse A Priory values

Land XML

LandXML is available ONLY in the Professional Edition:

  • Points: exchange CGPoints with coordinates, descriptions, attributes, labels, etc..
  • Parcels: TPC’s traverses are a perfect fit with LandXML’s parcels. Think Parcel = Traverse.
  • Alignments: TPC’s traverses are a perfect fit with LandXML’s alignment. You can tangents, curves, stations, PC’s, PT’s, etc..
  • Vertical Curves: TPC even exchanges vertical curves with LandXML.
  • Surfaces: TPC exchanges surfaces with LandXML, right down to the breaklines, border, area and surface points.


  • Field-to-Finish: Draw points with styles and in point groups (traverses) set by point descriptions and draw linework by several flexible methods
  • Sorting: Use the nearest neighbor sort to generate line work for points that aren’t collected in order


  • Transects: Generate transects fro traverses, line, polylines
  • Slope Analysis: Tabulate surface areas in user defined slope ranges, shade them in the drawing and add them to the legend


  • Cross Sections: Enter cross-sections in spreadsheet and graphics window
  • Draw Cross Sections: Draw single or stacked x-secs on grid with auto-updating based on edits


  • Create Profiles: From surfaces, screen entities, points on centerline, etc.
  • Quick Profile: Display any traverse in profile mode with real-time update while adjusting centerline
  • Input-Edit Profiles: Enter profile data in dual spreadsheet and graphic window, and design in reference to controlling profile grade points
  • Draw Profiles: Draw multiple profiles on grid with auto-updating based on edits
  • Quick View: Profile settings draw the profiles for you, with line types, symbols and annotations
  • Vertical Curves: Enter balance or un-balanced vertical curves in spreadsheet or graphical window
  • Draw Vertical Curves: Choose options to draw the parts of the vertical curve and vertical PI that you want
  • Vertical Curve Generator: Generate vertical curves automatically by specifying grade breaks and lengths

Cad View

Send Objects: Send CAD entities to TPC’s current drawing or objects from the current drawing back to the CAD view (Professional Edition only). This is such a great way to work with a large CAD project because you can bring in just the data you need for the survey.


  • Microstation: Read and write V7 / V8 DGN files
  • DCA R10: Read and write DCA R10 files
  • Pacsoft: Read Pacsoft CRD and PDT files
  • C&G: Read C&G CRD and CGC binary files


  • Predetermined Area: Partition any lot into a smaller lot with remainder (which can also be partitioned)


GIS = Graphical Information Systems

  • ESRI SHP: Import/Export point and linework data
  • Geo-Referenced Images: Pick the same two points on an image and the survey and TPC rotates / translates / scales the image. Image then scales with the drawing
  • Traverses and Shapes: Correlate traverses directly with shapes for easy reference

PLSS – Public Lands Survey System

PLSS = Public Lands Survey System

  • True Bearings: Use mean course convergence for traversing and inversing
  • Ground Distance: Automatically scale distance from the project elevation to the ellipsoid
  • Closure and Area: Computes geodetic closure and area
  • Compute Lost Corners: Compute lost corner positions using Single / Double proportion accounting for latitudinal arcs and cardinal offsets.
  • PLSS Adjustments: Do Grant Boundary and Irregular Boundary adjustments with course-by-course details reported
  • Blunder Detection: Use the Least Squares Network analysis to show possible blunders and error ellipses
  • True Line Offsets: Compute offsets to a true line on the latitudinal arc
  • Corner Sets: Generate corner stakeout notes with true bearings and ground distance offsets
  • Geodetic vs Grid COGO: All COGO can generate true bearings and ground distance or grid bearing and distance
  • GCDB: Use GCDB point numbering if desired
  • PLSS Drafting: Label all lines with true bearings and ground distances and all lots with geodetic area
  • GMM Township Record Files: Import GMM Township record files, automatically create traverse, auto-plot
  • Medial Lines: Create Medial Lines from meanders

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