Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB5006670)


The Windows KB5006670 update, released 10/12/2021, incorrectly redefines a 0.00 pen width to 0.10, which affects a number of line types like Dashed, Rock Wall and other when drawing scales are < 100 ft/in.  Additional lines are affected when the drawing scale is 1 ft/in.

Update Resolution

We have updated TPC Desktop versions 19, 20 and 21 with a fix, to work around this issue until MS patches it with a future update.  To get your TPC update with this fix, choose Help, Check For Updates and do either the Maintenance or New Release update.  These updates have a date of 11/11/2021 or later.

Uninstall the Windows Update

We are unable to provide the fix in TPC Desktop versions 1 to 18 since they are no longer maintained.  If you are using one of these, you will need to uninstall the Windows KB5006670 update per the instructions below, wait for MS to provide the fix with a future update or update to the current version of TPC.

Right click your Windows Start button and Choose Settings

Choose Update & Security:

Choose View Update History

Choose Uninstall updates

Scroll down to Microsoft Windows at the bottom and find “Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB5006670)”
Right click it and choose Uninstall