Webinar: Point Codes

Wednesday, October 23rd 3 PM PDT (6 PM EDT)

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      2. What’s New / Updates / Upgrades
    2. Learning Center
  • What are Point Codes

    1. Point codes are number codes or abbreviations used to identify points in the survey.
    2. Point Codes vs Drawing Codes.
  • Using the Points Manager to Evaluate Point Codes

    1. Because all of us are human, your field crew may sometimes make a mistake. A sidewalk
      point that should have been coded with SW1 might be coded with SU1 for example.
  • Creating Point Codes

    1. Listing all the codes
    2. Adding code descriptions
  • Managing Point Codes

    1. Point Codes can be reused.
    2. Saving, Importing and Exporting.
  • Assigning Traverse Drawing Settings to Point Codes

    1. You can assign Traverse Settings to point codes. When TPC creates a traverse to hold the
      survey points with that code, the Traverse Settings
      are copied to the created traverse.
  • Sorting Points Into Traverses

    1. Now comes the fun part.
    2. Updating Point Code traverses with new points.
  • Viewing Point Code Traverses

    1. TPC will draw the site map for you with the Traverse Settings you chose in the Point Codes.
  • Sorting Points Within a Traverse

    1. TPC can sort points within a traverse. Assume that you did not collect all of the EAC1 points
      in sequential order

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Wednesday, October 23rd 3 PM PDT (6 PM EDT) - Point Codes in TPC Desktop