March Webinar: Phrase Driven Legal Descriptions in Depth

  • Typical Workflows
    • Add a legal desc to a drawing
    • Write a legal desc for a title company
    • Generate a Traverse Report for multiple lots, each with a legal desc
  • Styles
    • Like Drawing Templates
    • Edit once, use many
    • Styles are phrases plus settings
  • Phrases
    • Sequence Phrases
    • Geometric Phrases
    • Nested Phrases
    • Using placeholders to insert data
  • User Settings
    • Distance & Direction
    • Individual courses
    • Area
    • Miscellaneous
    • Traverses define the parcels
  • Previewing Legal Descriptions
    • This is fun
    • Bold course data
    • Include point labels
    • Include phrases
  • Specifying Point of Commencement and Point of Beginning
    • Picking points via a drawing
    • Adding points via a dialog
    • Including POC chain in a traverse

Choose the date and time you would like to attend:
Wednesday, April 25 at 3 PM PST (6 PM EST) or
Thursday, April 26 at 8 AM PST (11 AM EST)

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Phrase Driven Legal Descriptions 4/25/18 3 PM PST4/26/18 8 AM PST

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