TPC Desktop 2024 R0 Support

TPC Desktop 2024 Release 0   Released Jan 24, 2024.

Uses your TPC Connection key to validate (validates automatically if already used for prior version).


TPC Desktop 2024 R0 64-bit  V24.0.2.4 (5/14/2024) See readme.txt

TPC Desktop 2024 R0 64-bit ‘Hot Fixes’Only Needed if Instructed by TPC Technical Support

TPC Desktop 2024 R0 64-bit   BETA V24.0.3.0 (5/17/2024) – See readmebeta.txt & What’s New


TPC Desktop 2024 R0 32-bit  V24.0.2.4 (5/14/2024) See readme.txt.

TPC Desktop 2024 R0 32-bit ‘Hot Fixes’Only Needed if Instructed by TPC Technical Support

Downloads – other shared downloads like Geoid Models and the Traverse PC PDF driver.

  • TPC Desktop 2024 R0 was developed for and has been tested on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8.
  • TPC Desktop 2024 R0 is not supported on Windows 7 or earlier.
  • This page is not linked within the TPC website. To return to this page later, add this page to your browser’s Favorites or go run TPC and choose Help, Support (this version).
  • The version number we list here is the version number you can find inside Traverse PC. You can find it by going to the TPC License section of the Tasks Manager or by choosing Help | About TPC Desktop.
  • Unified Help System

64 and 32 bit Versions

This release offers both 64-bit and 32-bit versions. They are installed in their respective Program Files folder, but share program data and registry settings, so you can switch easily from one to the other.

We expect that moving forward, TPC will provide only 64-bit versions of TPC. Please let us know if you still need the 32-bit version.

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