Beginning with TPC Desktop 2013, Traverse PC has implemented agile releases for TPC Desktop. These are full versions of TPC Desktop that are released more often (every 3 to 4 months) with a few new features to learn.

If you own a smart phone or tablet, you are already familiar with agile releases which are usually delivered to your device automatically. TPC always gives you the choice to install an agile release, but the idea is the same. Each agile release will include new features you can start using right away, often with little if any change to the user interface.

What’s included in an agile release?

Agile releases include any hot-fixes made to the previous releases along with new features, expanded help topics, sample files and so on.

Does the version change with an agile release?

Agile releases increment the release number. So TPC Desktop 2018 R1 would be the first agile release of TPC Desktop 2018. R2 would be the next release and so on.

Do I have to re-validate an agile release?

No. Your validation for your current program will still work for its associated R1, R2, etc. release. However, next major annual release will require a new validation.

Agile Releases and the TPC Connection

Agile releases (approximately two per year) are available automatically to TPC Connection members. Everyone else has to purchase them as an update, which in the long run, is more expensive then being on the TPC Connection.