Welcome to the TPC Desktop 2010 Support page.

*NOTE: This version is no longer maintained. See information below.


TPC Desktop 2010  – 06/07/12 release (v11.5.060712) (Final Version).

Installs a new copy.You will need to uninstall your current version through the Windows Control Panel to install this update. See Readme.txt for details.

Note:The version number we list here is the version number you can find inside Traverse PC. You can find it by going to the TPC License section of the Tasks Manager or by choosing Help | About TPC Desktop. (The version number you see in the Windows Control Panel Programs and Features is not the same thing.)

Traverse PC PDF – Only Needed if Not Already Installed – our own PDF driver. Save the zip file, extract all files and then run the RunSetup.exe file to install.

Note: You do not need to install this if you already have the Traverse PC PDF driver installed.



Traverse PC’s License Agreement has always stated that licensees are limited to two computers such as office and home or office and field and that agreement has not changed.

For more information on licensing TPC Desktop 2010:


This page is not linked within the TPC website.

To return to this page later, add this page to your browser’s Favorites or go to the bottom of the Task Manager in TPC Desktop 2011 to the TPC On Line section and left-click TPC Desktop 2010 Home.

*NOTE: With the release of TPC Desktop 2014, we no longer maintain TPC Desktop 2010. Our policy is to maintain the prior two releases of TPC Desktop.

Go to the Licensing tab to request a courtesy license.