Use a Local Survey with GNSS CRS

In Part 2, we will work with GNSS in a 15 lots PUD survey that does not use the same CRS as GNSS. The survey CRS was used in the design and engineering of the project, so we don’t want to change it, but as we will show you, TPC works beautifully between the two.

Recorded Webinar (55:00)

TPC and GPS/GNSS (0:00)

  1. TPC 2023 R1 focuses on GNSS workflows

TPC RTK NTRIP Solution (2:37)

  • Use TPC and existing equipment but add GNSS

Review Part 1 (9:51)

  • Converting a local survey to GNSS CRS

Introduce the Project (10:52)

  • 15 lot PUD brought online in 2007
  • 3 new projects we want to use GNSS for

Export Line Work for GNSS (14:00)

  • Because some projects involve staking lot lines, we need to export linework to GNSS

Setup Site Calibration (14:30)

  • Automatically calibrates / reverse calibrates between local coordinates and CRS

Export Local to Google Earth (15:30)

  • This is an example of how Site Calibration lets TPC work with 2 coordinate systems in the same survey

Export Local to GNSS Shape File (18:24)

  • We use a shape projection to the GNSS CRS

Export Local to GNSS DXF File (25:46)

  • Write lot / boundary polylines to DXF

Tie GNSS Points in the Field (32:23)

  • Tie monuments and grades with =[existing point]

Import GNSS Into TPC (36:40)

  • New header options, fixed points

Create Calibration GNSS to Local (42:35)

  • Use the imported traverse to create the calibration
Use GNSS with Local Survey (51:48)