TPC Licenses

TPC licenses are created, stored and managed on-line at To manage your licenses, log in with your user name and password.

Validating a License

When you validate a license, you activate one of it's available activations. So validate and activate are used here interchangeably.

When you purchase TPC, you will receive one or more license keys along with your purchase receipt.  When you install and run that version of TPC, you will need to validate it one time by entering your user information and the license keys found on your receipt.

 TPC will then check to make sure that license is valid and has an activation available. If so, it will use one of the activations for that computer and TPC will run as expected. However, if the license key is not valid or has already used all of its activations, TPC will not run on that computer.

Licenses are activated for a particular computer. To change computers, you must first deactivate the license on the computer that it is activated on and reactivate it on the computer you want to run it on. See Using a Single License on Multiple Computers.

Valid License Check

Each time TPC runs, it checks to see if the license is valid.

If not, TPC displays the User Informaiton dialog. Here, you can enter your name, company and any license keys. Fortunately, once you have entered this information, TPC stores it, so you may need to just visually check the information and choose Validate.

TPC tells you if it was able to validate the license. If not, it displays the reasons why the validation failed in the Status box.

License Types

The license type depends on how you purchased TPC. You can choose from Subscriptions, Single-User Perpetual and Network Perpetual licenses.

Checking Your License in TPC

When TPC is running, you can check your license two ways.

Tasks Manager

The Tasks Manager includes a License panel that displays some of the license information like the license type and any expiration date.

Support Tab of the Program Settings Dialog

The Support tab includes an information window that lists all of the license information, including the TPC Connection license. You can use the System Report button to produce a report of this information.

Licenses That Expire

Some licenses, like Subscriptions and Trials, have an expiration date. Once expired, TPC will no longer run with that license on any computer.

These licenses display the days left on the license in the Tasks Manager's License panel and the Support tab. At seven days left (one week), these licenses display a pop-up box each time TPC is run, reminding you that the license is about to expire. You can press the Help button to access a help topic with the link to manage your license on line, where you can renew the license before it expires.

Grace Period

As a rule, your TPC license can be used off-line for up to 30 days. This allows you to take a computer into the field for extended periods of time and still run TPC.

TPC calls this the grace period and displays the number of days left on the grace period along with the other license information in both the Tasks Manager and the Support tab.

Courtesy License

As of August 2018, TPC no longer issues courtesy licenses, allowing you to run TPC on two computers. Instead, TPC provides a very convenient way for you to use a single-user license on multiple computers. See Using a Single License on Multiple Computers.

License Management

You manage your license and user information on-line via  License Management where you can renew any subscriptions, access your license keys, downloads and purchase history.

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