Running a Single User License on Multiple Computers

Licenses are activated for a particular computer. To change computers, you must first deactivate the license on the computer that it is activated on and reactivate it on the computer you want to run it on.

TPC makes this very easy via the Support tab in the Program Settings dialog.

Setting Up Multiple Computers

To run TPC on multiple computers, you must first install TPC on those computers. Use the installation download provided with your purchase and install it on any computer you think you may want to run it on.

Remember, you will be able to run it on only one of these computers at a time.

Switching the Activeation From One Computer to Another

To switch between computers, you must Deactivate TPC on the last computer to run it, then Activate it on the computer you with to switch to.

On the computer that is currently running TPC

  1. Choose Tools, Program Settings, Support
  2. Choose Remove Validation and exit TPC

On the computer you want to switch to

  1. When you run TPC, TPC will display the User Information dialog.
  2. Enter your name, company and the license key
  3. Choose Validate.  TPC will tell you if it was able to validate the license on this computer.

Manage Your License OnLine

If any of these steps above don't work, you can always manage your license on line at

You will want to deactivate the license then repeat the steps above to run TPC on the computer you are switching to.

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