“I have been using Traverse PC for almost eight years now. Having been a surveyor for over 50 years & also having owned my own business for 15 years, I can say without a doubt this software is the easiest I have ever learned to use. As a beginner, with minimal training, you are able to produce basic survey drawings practically right out of the box. In addition, as you grow with the software the software kind of grows with you as you learn insights into some pretty slick stuff the software provides that kind of goes unnoticed until necessity motivates you to dig deeper. It is then you make some very interesting “discoveries” that produce awesome results that leaves you smiling. To top it off, they keep making great software even greater with continuing enhancement. The software writers are open to suggestions & the tech support is outstanding. I tried it & I liked it. I think you will too.”

William N. Whye, PLS, Lower Burrell, PA
(Bill Whye, the survey guy), Triad Surveys