Start using TPC and you might want to throw yourself a party

We talk to people every day who don’t want to spend months trying to learn complicated CAD software that costs more than they want to spend, does stuff they don’t need and is way too complicated to use

You can learn TPC in hours not months. In a few day, you’ll be really good at it. It’s easy to learn and use.



TPC has everything you need… and nothing you don’t

TPC Desktop comes in three Editions. Just compare the Editions and choose one that’s just right for you.

And best of all, there are NO additional modules or plugins. So you know your true cost right up front.

 TPC Desktop Editions
TPC Desktop Learning Center

Learning Center

Everyone learns their own way. That’s why the TPC Learning Center includes a little something for everyone.

The icons shown here help you know instantly what type of resource is available for any given topic.

 Help Topics

  • Help topics are the equivalent of a manual
  • Everything is here
 Learning Guides

  • Cook Book approach to learning
  • Find step-by-step instructions on how to do it
Videos (0:00)

  • See how someone else does it
  • We give you the length of each video so you can decide how to spend your time
 Web resources

  • Helpful and interesting links
 Ways to connect

  • Connect with others who are using TPC

Discover more in our Learning Center

Learning Guides

TPC Learning Guides walk you through workflows step-by-step.  You’ll find the steps on the left page and the pictures on the right. Think of this as a cookbook approach to learning and using TPC.

 Introduction – Alignments – Adjustments – Cadastral – Closure – COGO – TPC Desktop – Drawing – Geodetic – Import/Export – Least SquaresPlat Check – Point CodesQuick View™ – Surfaces – Traverses

 Use the Learning Guides (3:04)


Technical Support

Every copy of TPC comes with FREE technical support.

You have access to on-line videos, learning guides, user forums, web seminars and our on-line support form.

Context Sensitive Help

And don’t forget that TPC includes context sensitive help topics built right in to the program. Just press F1 on your keyboard from any view, menu, dialog or report in TPC and get the help you need when you need it.


TPC Connection

Want one-on-one help plus all the software updates? Then try our TPC Connection.