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Editing Line Types command





This topic explains how to edit TPC line types, allowing you to

change the way the line type draws

change the line type name used for lines in your legend

remove line types you don't use from the pull down list


Open syntax file for point symbol and line type definitions (0:56)

To Edit Line Types

From any view choose Tools | Program Settings and left click the Drawing View tab.

Left click the Line Types button in the Customize section. 

Or press the gear icon  next to any pull down line type list.

Choose Edit Line Types and Categories. This opens the UserLines.dat file in your default word processor.

Modify any of the existing line types or add a new ones to the end of the file using the Line Type Definitions.

Close the line type file. TPC will indicate that the changes you made will not take effect until you exit TPC and rerun it.

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