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Using Object Snap Mode





When the Drawing View is in Object Snap mode, you can snap to an object or part of an object just by positioning the cursor near to the object and left clicking. Generally, you must be within about ” of any object to snap to it.

When you are close enough to an object for it to be selected via the Object Snap Mode, TPC displays a snap marker, usually a small circle, at the resulting snap position on the object. If you left click, the position at the marker will be the resulting snap position. If you do not see the snap marker, you are not close enough to any object to snap to it and a left click will return the position under the cursor instead.

In many CAD programs, this mode is called OSNAP mode.

Isolating Layers

Since TPC selects the first object that satisfies the proximity for the snap command, you way want to ‘Ignore’ layers you are not working with.

Object Snap Mode Command

From Drawing View, choose View | Object Snap Mode. This command toggles Drawing View in and out of Object Snap Mode.

The right side of the program status bar displays OSNAP when you are in object snap mode. You will also notice that TPC draws a snap marker (usually a small circle) at the computed snap position as you move cursor close to any drawing object.

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