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Staking Out Points





When you stakeout points, TPC has tools to compare the staked position (if it is recorded during or after being staked) to the design position and generating a report showing any differences between the two.


Stakeout Report – Sneak Peek (3:58)

Stakeout Report Format

In the example shown here, the Staked position of point 2 is compared with it's Design position and the Difference is reported.

Point:2  nail

  Design      N:861668.96162  E:3972220.01425  Z:33.21  

  Staked      N:861668.88600  E:3972219.99100  Z:34.19     1002, 7-25-2020 11:28

  Difference  N:-0.07562      E:-0.02325      Linear:0.08  Cut:0.98


Specifying Stakeout Points

TPC provides a number of ways to specify staked points, using point labels, point descriptions and sideshots.  This allows you to collect and report staked points using any data collection device or method.  See Specifying Staked Points.

Generating a Stakeout Report

You can generate a stakeout report any time after you have imported the staked positions into your survey.  See Stakeout Report.

Managing Stakeout Reports

The stakeout reports you create in TPC allow you to document the work you did.  You can have a separate report for each day you did stakeout, group a range of days into a single report, or simple add stakeout notes to the survey’s default report.

See Managing Reports.

Versions of TPC Prior to TPC Desktop 2022

In older versions of TPC Desktop, the stakeout report compared the selected stakeout points (these points have either an @ symbol or an _ underscore in the point label, as in 12_1 or 12@1). The stakeout points are compared with their design points. For example, both 12_1 and 12@1 would be compared with point 12.  

Staked points could also include the point label of their design point in their descriptions.  For example, staked point 1002 could include --2 in its description, indicating it was a staked position for design point 2 and where -- was default point code delimiter.

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