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Editing Column Names





You can edit the column names used for any table in TPC.  If you want to change the BEARING column in a curve table to CHORD BEARING, you can.


Edit Drawing Table Column Headers (3:15) - We edit the column names for a curve table and save them to a header file we can recall for any other curve table.

Upper Case Column Names

In TPC, column names are upper case by default. 

However, you can disable upper case so they match their names in the Format sequence.

Turn uppercase on / off with the [X] Uppercase toggle in the Column  section of the Table Properties dialog.

Specifying a Column Name

To specify your own column name,

Open the Properties dialog for that table and locate the column names in the lower right corner

Left click the column name you want to change, type the new name you want and press [Enter].

Choose OK.


Your table should now be drawn with your new column names.

In the example shown here, we've changed the BEARING column in the curve table to CHORD BEARING and the DISTANCE column to CHORD DIST.

Creating Multi-Line Column Names

You can create multi-line column names by including forward slash ( / ) characters in the column name.  In the example shown here, we've made the CHORD BEARING and CHORD DIST column names multi-line.

Storing Tables in Drawing Templates

If you want to retain the column names you have changed, consider adding that table to a drawing template.  See Drawing Templates.

Each time you start a drawing with that template, it will include the table with the column names you modified.

Saving Modified Column Headers for Later Use

You can also use the Save and Open icons (shown with the red arrow above) to save your column headers to a header definition file.  Now, you can recall it anytime to reuse this format or share it with others in your organization.  See Managing Header Definitions.

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