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Using GPS / GNSS





TPC is as comfortable with GPS/GNSS data as it is with TPS (angles and distances). 

Any method that creates a position for a survey point (TPS/GPS/GNSS) works great with TPC.

Once TPC has created the point, the magic of traverses and Quick View™ begins, regardless of how that point was created.

Selecting a Coordinate Reference System (CRS)

TPC transforms geodetic positions from GPS/GNSS into coordinates and visa versa, via it's Coordinate Reference System.  Geoid modeling can also be used to convert between ellipsoid heights and orthometric heights (msl).

See Coordinate Reference System and Geoids.


GPS/GNSS data can include either a geodetic position, a coordinate position based on some CRS, or both.

In addition, other data like RMS (Root Mean Squared), PDOP (Degradation of Precision), etc. may be available, depending on the GPS/GNSS data provider. 

See GPS/GNSS Data 

Beginning with TPC Desktop 2024, TPC stores GNSS data much like it does total station and deed data, allowing you to reject unwanted observations when computing GNSS averages.  See How TPC Stores GPS/GNSS Data and Averaging GPS/GNSS.

Import and Exporting GPS/GNSS Data

GPS/GNSS is imported and exported via an appropriate filter.

You can also import and export via TPC's GNSS (CSV) filter or a filter that is specific to a manufacturer.  TPC includes specific filters for Bad Elf, emlid, Carlson, MicroSurvey, Trimble, TDS and others. 

See Importing GPS/GNSS and Exporting GPS/GNSS.


GPS/GNSS can be included in CSV files and data collector files.


CSV files can be opened in a spreadsheet app like Microsoft Excel or any word processor.  See GPS/GNSS CSV Files.

Data collector files are imported via their respective filters in TPC. See GPS/GNSS Data Collector Files.

Using GPS/GNSS Data with Surveys

TPC makes it easy to use GPS/GNSS data with local surveys or CRS Surveys.

See Using TPS/GNSS with Surveys.

Calibrating GPS/GNSS DATA

To use TPC/GNSS data with an existing survey that doesn't use the same CRS as your GPS/GNSS, you will need to calibrate the two. You can calibrate the GPS/GNSS to your local survey or calibrate your local survey to the same CRS as your GPS/GNSS.

See Calibrating GPS/GNSS Data.

Averaging GNSS Observations

Beginning with TPC Desktop 2024, when you take multiple GPS/GNSS observations of a survey point, TPC can average those observations to improve the accuracy of that point's position. TPC's GNSS averaging is based on User Guidelines for Single Base Real Time GNSS Positioning by National Geodetic Survey, Version 2.1, August 2011.

See Averaging GPS/GNSS.

Least Squares

If the GPS/GNSS data you import includes basic statistical information, like RMS (root mean squared), TPC can use that information when you do a Least Squares Adjustment.  This makes it easy to combine terrestrial data, RTK (Real Time Kinematics) and PPK (Post Processed Kinematics) data all in one survey.

See Least Squares.

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