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This dialog lets you change the settings for leaders in the drawing. They currently affect both drawn and automatic leaders.


Choose the line type and width to use for the leader lines.

At this time, TPC supports only Solid and pattern line types for leaders. Other line types will not be included in the pull down list.


Select an arrow type and size.

Arrow point angle

This option changes the angle of the arrow from each side of the line the arrow is attached to. 10 degrees would make a skinny arrow, and anything greater would make a thicker arrow. This setting also controls the arrow point angle for Crows Feet.


Select the color for the leaders.

Automatic Leaders Only

These settings affect only automatic leaders created by the Traverse Drawing Settings.

Gap - this setting lets you define a gap size in inches that lets you put space between Point symbols and their leaders. This also effects the space between line label leaders.

Center - sets the arrowhead of the leader in the center of a point symbol and very close to a label line

Edge - sets the arrowhead of the leader at the edge of a point symbol. For label lines it takes into account the line thickness.

The color of these automatic leaders is determined by their Traverse Drawing Settings.


Apply the changes you've made to this dialog. The drawing will be regenerated, including settings you've changed in the other dialog tabs.

Edited Leader Properties

After a leader is created, either manually or automatically, you can right-click it and choose Properties to change the way that particular leader is drawn.

Once a property is changed for an individual leader, that property remains unchanged, even if the drawing's leader properties are changed.

To undo any unique properties for an individual leader, you must right click-click and choose Modify Object, Reset Modified Attributes.

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