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The Dimension Settings are part of the Drawing Settings To access them, you must be in Drawing View. Choose Tools | Drawing Settings and click on the Interior Angles tab.

The settings you select here affect any Interior Angles that already exist in the drawing as well as any Interior Angles you add in the future. This helps you keep the Interior Angles consistent. To change the way the labels are drawn, return to this dialog and make the appropriate changes.

For more information see Interior Angles.


Tells the Drawing View what color to use.



Select the Font, character size and font style (Thin, Light, Normal, Medium, Bold, Heavy).

Distance, Direction, None

Choose how you want to label the Interior Angles. Distance and Direction can be displayed Above, Below or not displayed (None) in your drawing. Select the None button to turn off all labels.


Turns on leaders for labels that don't fit on the dimension line.

Clear Background

Clear any pattern or bitmap fills to make the labels easier to read.


You can control the decimal settings for all labels, just click the Decimals button. Sets the number of decimal places to use for Distance and Direction.

Line Type


Choose the line type and line width. The line type and width you choose are used for the dimension line and any end arrows you select.


Select a line cap from the list and specify its size (length). The default is 0.1 inches.


Determines the gap between the object being dimensioned and the reference line drawn from the object to the dimension line. The default is 0.2 inches.


This option saves these Settings as the programs default settings. These settings will be used for any new drawing that is created. Save is only available from the Drawing Settings. It is not available from the Traverse Drawing Settings.


This button resets the Dimension Settings of the drawing to the default settings you saved for the program by pressing the Save button.


You will return to the Drawing View and your new settings will be in use when you click OK.


Returns you to the Drawing View without applying any changes.


Apply the changes you've made to this dialog. The drawing will be regenerated, including settings you've changed in the other dialog tabs.

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